Our Story

An MBA, graphic designer and digital marketer walk into a bar…

We joke, but this is more or less how our story begins. Van York Agency was founded by two individuals: an MBA / veteran graphic designer from New York City and a digital marketing specialist from Vancouver. Over a few pints of Guinness, the two would go on to find natural synergies in traditionally disconnected practices.

So what do investor communication, design and digital marketing have in common? Data.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs would build their businesses around market research, namely comprehensive market and competitive analysis, as well as patterns in consumer behavior. They would then hire separate branding and marketing agencies who would essentially replicate this research for their own directives (which would cover 20-30% of their fees.)

In a world where business and brand operate independently, this approach would make sense. But that’s not the way of the modern world, particularly due to the ubiquity of digital content and our conditioned communication behaviours as a result.

We believe that branded, visually-compelling content is the most effective vehicle for communication in all areas of business. This goes beyond a collection of stock photography or even a well-designed logo. It’s everything from the positioning statements you use in your investor pitch deck to the strategic creative directions taken in your social media marketing campaigns – all informed by in-depth market analysis and a foundational business narrative.

Capital markets communications, design and digital marketing require vastly different sets of skills, which is why most companies hire multiple agencies to perform these different tasks – even though those tasks are inherently connected practices.

Van York Agency was founded to eliminate that disconnect and help companies integrate and align these disciplines under a unifying strategy. We believe that a strong business foundation rests on the strategic alignment of strategic planning, branding and marketing expertise, and that one can harness those individual strengths without breaking the harmonies that exist between them.

By finding clever ways to infuse design into business communication, essential information and data becomes both transparent and accessible.

Van York empowers entrepreneurs and executives to not only tell compelling stories to their target audiences, but to challenge the way data has been traditionally conveyed and champion modern means of accelerating growth.

The Van York Team

Katya Polo

Co-founder & Chief Strategist

Alex Halpert

Co-founder & Director of Operations

Matt Van Dinther

Full-Stack Web Developer

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