Brand Identity Design Services

There is more that goes into brand identity design than the development of a logo. We look at your business as a complete story, one told by a brand through every experience, interaction and transaction.

Branding Services that Go Beyond Logo Design

Establishing your brand identity is one of the first steps you will take in your go-to-market strategy. Effective branding can secure your position in the market and give you control over your own narratives. As such, there is much more that goes into a brand strategy than the development of a logo and accompanying social media avatar. We look at your business as a complete story, one told by a brand through every experience, interaction and transaction.

brand design concepts on brochure and business cards

Van York Agency Branding Services

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

A creative direction without market research is a narrow vision. We believe careful consideration and planning is critical in establishing a strong visual identity.

Planning & Positioning

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. What words will your brand be speaking, how do those words align with your goals, and how do they differ from your competition?

Logo Ideation & Development

We work with you to create and identify the “face” of your brand. We explore where the logo will live, how your logo is to be used and how many variations it will need.

Visual Identity

There are many elements that will be paired with your logo, and identifying these elements is important to stay consistent. Elements include color palettes, typography, iconography and more.

Brand Attributes

Pairing the visual with the verbal is an essential step in the branding process. Does your visual language match that of your established positioning?

Communication Strategy

Identifying your tone and voice when communicating with your audience is vital. Your persona as a brand should be harmonious through each physical and digital platform alike.

Brand Collateral

Business cards, letters and other materials are regularly circulated during the capital funding process. We ensure a clear and memorable brand is appropriately presented to your audience.

Package Design & Signage

We seamlessly translate your brand across the specific locations dictated by your business – from bottled juices and boxed supplements to fashion attire and beauty packaging.

Where Business Consultancy and Branding Agency Meet

Conventional business development views business planning and branding as separate strategies. After all, analysts and designers have not traditionally crossed paths. At Van York Agency, we understand how the two strategies share the same foundational principles, and how both business development and brand identity are born from effective market research and planning. We merge the worlds of strategic planning and design thinking to develop comprehensive narratives across all business functions, empowering our clients to tell consistent stories to their investors, partners and customers.

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