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The standards for communicating information have changed, and so should your business plan. Van York specializes in the next generation of business plan writing services that elevate your communication strategy.

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The Next Generation of Professional Business Plan Writers

Your business plan is your ultimate marketing tool. It defines your fundamental purpose as a company, your product offering and target market, as well as the future opportunities available to both you and your investors. Our business plan writing approach has two objectives: to effectively capture your business narrative, and to communicate that narrative using modern tactics that engage your audience. When your business plan is in the hands or device of a potential investor, it is competing with countless opportunities to engage with interesting content. We believe that championing your value proposition in a sophisticated and compelling way is the key to cut through the noise of competing content.

Business Plan Writing Services: Reinvented

Traditionally, business plans painted a black and white picture of your company, your goals and your finances. We take these same fundamental elements and pair them with visual content that enhances your story. A branded and visually-compelling document is a great way to define your market positioning and communicate your competitive edge. Likewise, branded content lends credibility to your business plan by showcasing your understanding of the target demographics, instilling investor confidence as a result.

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Our business plan writers work with professional designers to ensure your story leaves a lasting impression with the audiences who matter most.

The Information

Our analysts compile comprehensive market research to convey relevant insights throughout your business plan, telling a credible and consistent story.

The Story

We strive to find creative and clever ways to illustrate key data and information, using infographics and data visualization as a mode of storytelling.

The Experience

We employ qualified analysts and professional graphic designers who join forces to create both an intelligent document and a memorable reading experience.

Our Business Plan Writers Deliver Top-Level Analysis Coupled with Engaging Visuals

We are firm believers that design should enhance credibility. While we use visuals to make our business plans look and feel like brochures, our business plan writers ensure that the executive-level content is a valuable resource for your finance managers, securities lawyers and more. We strongly believe that an effective business plan is one that helps streamline your corporate pursuits, with analysis supporting everything from your valuation report to your legal team’s due diligence process. Our first step is working with you to develop a strong business narrative that is supported by key market research and a solid business model. Brand elements and visuals are then used to transform your business plan into an engaging document.

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Featured Business Plan Case Studies

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We Write Business Plans for Every Sector

Our business plan writers have worked with dozens of different industries, from booming sectors such as cannabis and blockchain, to niche markets such as sports equipment and online gaming. We are passionate about identifying the nuances of each individual market and applying that expertise to our clients’ business plans and marketing materials. With market data acting as the backbone of our approach, our comprehensive industry analysis is used to strategically craft everything from your business narrative to your brand identity.

Featured Industry Sectors

Cannabis & Related Industries

Alternative therapies – from plant-based supplements to entheogenic medicine –  are a growing sector. Learn about how we work in Cannabis and Related Industries.


Sustainability is a critical global pursuit. We help bring your revolutionary ideas and innovative technologies to market.

Agriculture & Agribusiness

The business of agriculture has evolved and shifted to meet varying global demands. Learn about how we work in the Agribusiness sector.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The CPG sector has been propped up by global e-commerce and on-demand delivery. Learn about how we help bring consumer packaged goods to market.

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