Life Sciences Biotech Business Plan

Communicating how two independent forces come together to structure, build and launch clinical cannabis-based solutions

The Company

Life Sciences BioTech is a joint venture specializing in pre-clinical and clinical research, as well as pharmaceutical products. The Company was born from a partnership between capital markets and clinical research experts. The two would come together to build a company around a shared mission to bring cannabis-based solutions to a global opioid dependency crisis. Life Sciences BioTech sought to convey the respective successes and expertise of its management team, to articulate how the two forces come together in the context of an R&D operation, and to communicate how the resulting product and service offerings provide essential solutions to critical challenges.

open life sciences business plan with illustration and content

The Narrative

The Life Sciences BioTech business plan served two primary purposes. The first was to effectively inform investors of the Company’s expertise in the field of neurology. The second was to illustrate the Client’s business model and long-term goals of bringing the proposed solutions to market. Careful attention was paid to clinical research and accurate representations of data, which was essential to convey and support the Company’s undertaking.

The Style

As the first investor-facing document of the joint venture, the Life Sciences BioTech business plan unveiled a minimalist brand which was reinterpreted throughout the book. A brand-specific colour palette was defined, with hues that represented its clinical positioning. Further, infographic elements and data visualisation techniques were used throughout the business plan to convey important industry statistics and the Company’s own financial figures.

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