Full-Spectrum Cannabis Business Plan

Utilizing visually-rich content to illustrate the growth of a celebrated CPG operator and their entry into the cannabis arena

The Company

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Co. is a privately-owned, vertically-integrated cannabis company that develops pharmaceutical and food-grade products containing varieties of cannabinoid extracts, including CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC. With an established US-based hemp operation and a celebrated history of product success in European markets, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Co. sought a private equity investment to finance the production of its different product lines and ongoing global expansion.

open full spectrum cannabis business plan showing illustrations

The Narrative

The Full-Spectrum Cannabis Co. business plan served to effectively present the Company’s product offerings, which have been designed to not only cater to multiple consumer needs, but were developed to utilize a greater share of the cannabis plant – offering a true, full-spectrum cannabis product. Scientific analyses were used to support the narrative throughout the business plan, reinforcing prospective value with clinical data.

The Style

The Company’s cannabis business plan was designed to capture the consumer-facing visual identity and brand while still maintaining its positioning as an investor-focused document. A distinct colour palette was defined, with an accent colour pairing that struck a balance between vibrant and corporate. These colours were used throughout the document, informing all infographics that were custom-designed to convey the Client’s business model, cannabis industry statistics and other essential information. Furthermore, custom packaging mockups were developed and inserted into the business plan to effectively and creatively showcase the Company’s comprehensive proposal.

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