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Our founders take pride in their approach of integrating corporate communications, branding and digital marketing, and have enacted this unique method across many different industries. Our collective experience and multi-functional expertise provides an invaluable perspective that can help you with your fundraising pursuits and communications strategies.

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Cannabis & Related Industries

Alternative therapies – from plant-based supplements to entheogenic medicine – are a growing sector. Learn about how we work in Cannabis and Related Industries.


Sustainability is a critical global pursuit. We help bring your revolutionary ideas and innovative technologies to market.

Agriculture & Agribusiness

The business of agriculture has evolved and shifted to meet varying global demands. Learn about how we work in the Agribusiness sector.

Consumer Packaged Goods

The CPG sector has been propped up by global e-commerce and on-demand delivery. Learn about how we help bring consumer packaged goods to market.

Aerospace & Defence

From counter-drone defence equipment to aerospace technology, we craft clear narratives that address industry challenges and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

With many different use-cases and opportunities, we work to interpret the mechanisms behind the technology – addressing AI as a science, not a buzzword.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is at the forefront of digital disruption. We strive to effectively relay the solutions that blockchain provides various industries.

Fashion & Retail

Advances in technology and shifts in consumer preferences have fueled a new age of fashion. We work to tell your story to modern audiences.

Financial Services & FinTech

From small banks to FinTech solution providers, we identify your value proposition and effectively convey it to your stakeholders.

IoT Technology

From smart city applications to environmental initiatives – Internet of Things technology presents unique solutions to modern challenges.

Marine Industry

The marine industry is a direct contributor to global development. We craft your narrative around your industry’s measurable economic value.

Media & Entertainment

From digital gaming to connected social experiences, we understand the modern modes of entertainment and content consumption.

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