Cannabis & Related Industries

Astutely deemed the “Green Rush,” the cannabis industry has not shied away from headlines in recent years. From clinical research advocacy and progress to federal legalization and reform, the cannabis sector has amassed significant corporate and consumer interest alike. With a natural evolution steering curiosity toward entheogenic medicine, more businesses today are finding new and progressive ways to contribute to the culture of alternative therapies and capitalize on these fresh opportunities.

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Cannabis Business Plans & Presentations

Our business plan writers have had the privilege of producing business plans and investor presentations for cannabis companies far and wide. From Canada and the United States, to Mexico and Germany – we have the expertise spanning many different districts and jurisdictions. We understand the importance of high-level market research, including the analysis of federal and provincial/state regulations, as well as industry compliance standards. We are also mindful of the different sub-sectors that exist across the cannabis industry, and strategically craft narratives that are appropriate for the specific goals of each company.

Cannabis Sub-Sectors

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Research (CRO’s)
Agriculture Technology
Cultivation & Processing
Investments and M&A
Extracts & Infused Products
Real Estate
Software & Misc.
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Cannabis Branding & Design

With so many players entering the lucrative cannabis space, it quickly becomes apparent that there are only so many variations of a green leaf that one can use for their logo. In Canada, brand identity and creative directions are only as versatile as regulations permit. A distinct advantage of working with a business-minded branding agency like Van York is the confidence that your visual identity will be unique and compelling as much as it will be compliant and functional.

Cannabis Industry Marketing

Much like branding and design, digital marketing for cannabis companies is a nuanced practice that requires careful examination of existing regulations. We marry the worlds of corporate strategy and promotional outreach to facilitate marketing initiatives that are responsible, compliant and effective. These considerations range from cannabis regulations to email compliance. Whether through a social media campaign or email outreach, we work with you to ensure your business narrative and brand story are placed in front of the right audiences under the right conditions.

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Embracing the Future of Entheogenic Therapies

The trajectory of the cannabis industry – from growing consumer acceptance to evolving corporate strategies – has set a precedent for prohibition-era commodities that have viable opportunities in legal markets. Entheogenic therapies, or psychedelics, have reinserted themselves in clinical discourse and piqued public interest. As more entrepreneurs, scientists and medical practitioners discover more opportunities for advancement, it is critical to ensure all marketing materials are developed and crafted responsibly. Our business plan writers have been trusted with business plans and presentations that have reached the hands of federal government agencies and executives, and confidently embrace the role of writing the narratives for all the industry players driving future progress.

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