CPG Holding Company Business Plan

Illustrating the value of collaborative resources that work together to empower the next generation of cannabis companies

The Company

CPG Holding Co. is a joint venture holding company founded and designed for the purpose of scaling undervalued CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands that seek to expand into the growing cannabis markets across North America. CPG Holding Co. has the support of multiple subsidiaries operating across various business specialties, and was founded to elevate CPG companies with its value-generating capabilities.

open consumer packaged goods business plan with illustrations and data

The Narrative

The CPG Holding Co. business plan served two primary purposes: to effectively inform investors of the Company’s value-generating capabilities, and to enlighten the reader on the full scopes of the cannabis and CPG marketplaces. With analytics playing a pivotal role in the Company’s value offering, a data-driven document was essential to convey the fact that all proposed strategies were well-informed and supported by market research.

The Style

CPG Holding Co.’s value proposition is supported by the Company’s analytical expertise and proven business acumen across multiple disciplines. The business plan’s minimalist design was influenced by this narrative, with a single accent colour used sparingly throughout the document. Further, CPG Holding Co. made the forward-thinking choice that it does not want to limit itself to exclusively be a ‘cannabis company’ – noting that the research on phytonutrients is rapidly accelerating. For this reason, stock photography featuring different types of plants was utilized to illustrate the Company’s positioning without confining them to a single market.

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