Blockchain Investment Platform Business Plan

Leveraging blockchain technology to make investments in high-appreciating assets more accessible and secure

The Company

Clear Blu Diamond Investments is a privately-held Financial-Technology (FinTech) company that enables investors to securely trade in fancy coloured diamonds. Fancy coloured diamonds have long been venerated not just for their beauty and rarity, but also for yielding greater financial appreciation compared to other asset classes. The Company identified a natural synergy between the capabilities of blockchain technology and investment transactions, and sought to finance an advanced and secure platform to propel the diamond investments sector forward.

open blockchain business plan showing information

The Narrative

Clear Blu’s blockchain business plan served three chief purposes: a) to effectively report on the diamond investment sector, including historic financial appreciation and the insights associated with existing market research, b) to thoroughly articulate a well-defined business model and c) to enlighten the reader of the step by step process associated with the blockchain-enabled investment platform.

The Style

As Clear Blu associates itself with a specific subcategory of fancy coloured diamonds, the Company’s business plan style was reflective of this undertaking. With blue diamonds proposed as the platform’s chief investment vehicle, an appropriate colour palette was identified to maintain Clear Blu’s positioning and brand. Furthermore, as blockchain is an emerging sector, the business plan focused on carefully illustrating exactly how the database technology was to be used to facilitate investment transactions, both within the Company and across the industry.

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