Canadian Maritime Business Plan

Communicating the value of sustainable operations and unrivaled expertise to capitalize on new opportunities

The Company

Canadian Maritime Co. is a privately owned company servicing the maritime industry in Canada. With the advancement of new marine technologies, the Company made the decision to modernize their existing operations with new machinery and equipment. With few investors allocating funds for the Company’s specific endeavor, it was pertinent for Canadian Maritime Co. to position itself as the top maritime company with unrivaled expertise, sustainable operations and the greatest long-term economic value.

open maritime business plan with data and illustrations

The Narrative

Canadian Maritime Co. operates in an industry that is under constant scrutiny among environmentalists and eco-conscious investors. The narrative of the maritime business plan focused not only on the modern equipment that would yield greater efficiencies, but on how exactly the technology would impact national and provincial sustainability targets. By highlighting the Company’s operational standards and how they’re aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, the Canadian Maritime Co. business plan appealed not only to the small pool of active maritime investors, but also to those who sought to introduce or add green investments to their portfolio.

The Style

Canadian Maritime Co.’s value proposition is supported by the Company’s uncompromising commitment to environmental sustainability and their unrivaled expertise servicing Canadian waters. Devising and maintaining the tone of trust and transparency throughout the business plan, a minimalist design was paired with a nautical-inspired colour palette. Further, carefully designed infographic elements were utilized to relay key metrics and market data that both supported and strengthened the Company’s proposed undertaking.

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