Investment Fact Sheet Design Services

Our Investment fact sheet design services provide a detailed snapshot of your business proposal. We employ modern design techniques to capture your key insights and convey them effectively.

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What is an Investment Fact Sheet?

Much like business plans and pitch decks, investment fact sheets are marketing documents designed to inform and enlighten your target audience. Unlike the former, however, fact sheets are known for their concise presentations – typically comprising a single page. Fact sheets often have a single objective (e.g. capital financing) and are designed to carefully display the most important information that’s relevant to your primary goal (such as market growth, financial projections and your capital requirement.) An effective investment fact sheet is one that will have a clear call-to-action supported by easily digestible information, all of which are conveyed in an intelligent and succinct manner.

Structuring a Strong Fact Sheet for Investors

Investment fact sheets differ depending on the primary goal, the industry sector and of course, the company itself. With available space spanning the borders of a single page, it’s imperative to be selective with your content and include only the information that’s most relevant to your end goal.

For example, players in an emerging market, such as cannabis, may want to focus more on industry statistics that support their proposed venture. Alternatively, companies operating in mature markets, such as agriculture, may want to emphasize their value proposition and differentiators among competitors.

There are over a million ways to produce an investment fact sheet. Irrespective of the content you wish to include, the most effective document will include:

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Contact Information

For interested investors to reach you

Investment Summary

A brief overview of the proposed deal

Key Metrics

Market data to support and justify your deal


Supporting financial data that garners trust

Call to Action

Call for an investment, partnership or other transaction

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We Transform Your Investment Summary into a Visually Compelling Fact Sheet

Investment fact sheets are marketing tools designed to relay important information in a timely manner, without the assistance of a presenter. These are documents that your investors, partners and other stakeholders may take home and digest on their own time. For this reason, investment fact sheets must be as informative as they are engaging, and instructive as they are compelling. Van York Agency specializes in highly-effective fact sheets that are designed with modern communication and storytelling techniques.

We understand how to strategically condense important information without diminishing critical insights, and we work to translate your business narrative into a visually-compelling document.

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