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Your investor pitch deck is your chance to make a good first impression. We help you perfect your pitch and approach investors confidently with a strong presentation.

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Raise Capital Confidently with our Investor Pitch Deck Design Services

An investor pitch deck is often your first chance to make an impression, and delivering a strong presentation is essential for getting your foot in the door. An effective presentation piques the interest of a potential investor and engages them to further investigate your business plan and supporting materials. An investor pitch deck is a snapshot of your company and should be concise and informative, while still presenting an attractive opportunity and ROI. Van York specializes in crafting clear and precise pitch decks that effectively convey the right information within the boundaries of a short presentation.

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The Elements of a Successful Investor Presentation

There is no one true formula for the perfect pitch. Companies find their successes by offering unique solutions to modern challenges and by responding to market influences in distinctive ways. As such, a successful pitch deck will be one that tells a compelling story in its own, individualized way. However, there are fundamental elements that make a strong presentation. These components serve as a foundation for your business narrative, and are essential to reinforce your pitch. A few of these include:

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Market Growth

What market are you targeting and what is that market’s projected growth?

Consumer Data

Who are your target customers and how are you responding to their needs?


Who are your competitors and how do you stack up against them?

Value Proposition

What are the cornerstones of your value offering that give you a competitive edge?

Return on Investment

What does your financial future look like and what does it mean for your investors?

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Precision is Key to an Effective Pitch Deck

When you have an exceptional opportunity in your hands, it can be tempting to insert every last piece of information into your pitch deck. After all, this may be your one chance to appeal to an individual. However, an investor pitch deck is not a business plan, and should instead be a snapshot summary of your proposed venture. Van York works with you to effectively relay complex information in a succinct and comprehensive way. We explore the best modes of communicating insights – from carefully crafted infographics to effective storytelling techniques. You have a unique and compelling story. Van York can help you make that story heard.

“Brevity is the Soul of Wit an Effective Pitch Deck

– William Shakespeare

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