Waste Management Technology Business Plan

Harnessing innovative waste-to-fuel technology to not only meet global emissions targets, but exceed them

The Company

Waste-to-Fuel Tech Co. is a privately-owned recycling and energy company that provides robust waste management services by way of its proprietary waste-to-fuel technology. Through the marriage of various energy recycling processes, the Company developed a system that surpassed the emission standards set across North America. The purpose of the business plan was to document the principal mechanics of the proprietary solution, illustrate the value of such a solution in light of global recycling data and to inform investors of cash flow forecasts and proposed contingency plans.

open waste business plan showing data and illustrations

The Narrative

The Waste-to-Fuel Tech Co. business plan served to illustrate the value of the Company’s service offering to both investors and global communities at large. The Company had an established Proof of Concept achieved by its proprietary technology, but the business plan sought to convey the Proof of Value, in terms of operational costs and return on investment, as well as the global environmental impact.

The Style

Waste-to-Fuel Tech Co. sought a business plan that was able to justify its proposed investment with key financial data and a carefully articulated overview of the technology and its value. To achieve this, data visualization elements were utilized throughout the document to ensure that all readers could easily grasp and understand the information – which, for complex technologies, is often difficult to achieve with text alone. Pairing such graphic elements with a new, sophisticated brand helped the Company deliver a powerful and compelling business plan.

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