Hydroponic Organic Greens Business Plan

Shining a spotlight on the sustainable production of organic greens to two distinct audiences

The Company

Organic Greens Co. is a privately-held hydroponics operation specializing in the organic and sustainable production of leafy greens, herbs and medicinal botanicals. With a mission to redefine the agricultural landscape in the United States, the Company established hydroponics facilities across the country, each with multiple equity positions available to empower entrepreneurs and propel the local agriculture industry forward.

open organic greens business plan showing information

The Narrative

Organic Greens Co.’s undertaking required two distinct agriculture business plans that targeted different audiences: private equity investors to finance the Company’s expansion, and entrepreneurs interested in taking a small position with Company. The former business plan narrative focused on Organic Green Co.’s long-term growth strategy and business model, weaving the financial data from the two throughout the document. The latter offered the same level of transparency, but was also supported by U.S. market data and detailed summaries of the local facilities. Both narratives were underscored by data-backed insights reinforced by a projected return on investment.

The Style

Both business plans were designed to showcase the hydroponics operation and end-products. The strategy was to highlight the technology and scalability of the operation to investors, and to purposefully exhibit the product offerings to incoming entrepreneurs. This was achieved by incorporating facility renderings and informative infographics to illustrate the technology and processes, and coupled with visually-rich content that showcased the specific types of organic greens the Company would be producing.

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