Green Tech Equipment Business Plan

Scaling a clean-tech business with a proven technology that acts as a catalyst for energy efficiency

The Company

FYM Technologies Inc. is a privately-owned clean-tech appliance business that manufactures patented energy systems utilizing heat recovery technology. With over a decade spent in R&D and three years spent proving the concept in a commercial facility, the Company was ready to begin its next round of financing to scale its operations. To elevate the Company’s investor communications, FYM Technologies sought to convey the proven value of their energy system, with key data from its existing operational successes and industry analyses to help demonstrate future market potential.

open green tech business plan showing illustrations and content

The Narrative

The FYM Technologies business plan served to illustrate the value of the Company’s product offering, to both investors and specific target markets – namely large commercial facilities that use unsustainable means of energy consumption. The narrative of the green tech business plan was guided by the data derived from the Company’s Proof of Concept, which included carbon emissions and energy savings data. This information was coupled with industry statistics and publicly-available financial data for the Company’s target markets to illustrate the extraordinary value of the product.

The Style

The green tech business plan was tasked with conveying an exceptional amount of data – from FYM’s operational successes to industry metrics on commercial energy consumption and global sustainability incentives. Data visualization and infographics were used to relay such information, taking comprehensive analyses and conveying the information in an easily digestible manner. Pairing such graphic elements with a brand-specific colour palette helped the Company deliver a powerful and compelling business plan.

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