Craft Cannabis Business Plan

Structuring a narrative to relay the complete transition to a licensed cannabis operation

The Company

Craft Cannabis Co. is a privately owned micro-cultivator of cannabis products, whose founders have a celebrated reputation within the ‘underground’ cannabis community. Leveraging the Company’s brand equity and unrivaled expertise in consumer product preferences, Craft Cannabis Co. sought to transition to a fully licensed and legal operation.

open cannabis business plan with marijuana plant and vape pen

The Narrative

The primary objectives for the craft cannabis business plan were to effectively communicate the founders’ expertise, as well as the value of Craft Cannabis Co.’s brand awareness within the cannabis community. This was done by highlighting the Company’s historic activities and achievements that did not involve the sale of cannabis (prior to federal legalization,) paired with explicit plans to establish and commence operations in accordance with federal regulations.

The Style

To appropriately convey Craft Cannabis Co.’s positioning, it did not make sense to incorporate a standard ‘bright and playful’ aesthetic that many startups utilize in the nascent stages of their brand development. Instead, a ‘Whiskey branding’ style was utilized to articulate the brand’s maturity, wisdom and sophistication – as the Company slowly ‘graduates’ to enter the new, legal cannabis landscape.

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