Premium Water Production Business Plan

Celebrating an award-winning beverage brand and its entry into new, lucrative market segments

The Company

Premium Water Co. is a privately owned producer of premium branded and private-label water products. With an established brand presence in domestic and international markets alike, the Company sought to leverage its operational infrastructure and expand into new markets, including alcoholic RTD (ready-to-drink) beverages and cannabis-infused beverages. The purpose of the business plan was to present this undertaking as a viable and profitable investment.

open premium water business plan with data illustrations

The Narrative

The Premium Water Co. business plan served to effectively showcase how an award-winning water production company seeks to enter new, lucrative markets. This was accomplished by accurately and thoroughly highlighting the business’s existing retail and distribution partnerships, established brand equity among consumers, and its operation’s flexible infrastructure. These competitive advantages were paired with industry metrics, offering insights into how the Company would fare upon entry into new market segments.

The Style

The Company had an existing and successful brand that was celebrated throughout the business plan. A balance of stock photography and Premium Water Co.’s existing marketing assets were utilized throughout the document – using the former to portray the origins of the product, and the latter to reinforce the Company’s branding. Additional product packaging mockups were created and inserted into the business plan to convey the Premium Water Co.’s proposed venture into new market segments.

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