Aquaponic Microgreens Business Plan

Redefining agriculture with state-of-the-art agritech systems and an uncompromising mission to serve health-conscious consumers

The Company

Aquaponic Microgreens is a privately-held aquaponics operation specializing in the organic and sustainable production of microgreens. With a mission to redefine existing agricultural practices, the Company developed a state-of-the-art aquaponics system that sets a new standard for sustainable agriculture and the future of food. Aquaponic Microgreens sought to raise capital for the purpose of scaling its operations, and required a business plan that showcased the investment by shining a spotlight on the Company’s multi-faceted value offering.

open micro greens business plan showing data and illustrations

The Narrative

The Aquaponic Microgreens business plan served to illustrate the value of the Company’s service offering to both investors and global communities at large. This included a thorough overview of its system and step-by-step processes, as well as informative and data-backed insights into the microgreens industry. And while appropriate consideration was placed on presenting all relevant information pertaining to the Company’s principal product, the narrative was devised to illuminate the proprietary technology as Aquaponic Microgreens’ ultimate value offering – positioning the Company as an emerging leader in agritech, not just a pioneer of a single product.

The Style

The Aquaponic Microgreens business plan was designed to showcase the value and power of sustainable and organic food production. This was achieved by utilizing the Company’s product photography and facility renderings, paired with branded infographics that educated readers on basic aquaponics systems, the Client’s own technology and the emerging global shifts in the market that justified the Company’s proposed undertaking.

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