Green Technology

If there is any one global issue that has invigorated public discourse in recent years, it’s climate change. As the realities of the climate crisis stimulate a collective shift away from fossil fuels, exceptional – and necessary – opportunities for energy alternatives present themselves. From clean energy to waste management solutions, the advancement of green technology will not only power the future of the world, but ensure there is one.

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Green Tech Business Plans & Presentations

Green technology startups are often spearheaded by exceptionally-talented engineers who have developed new solutions for modern problems. But technical blueprints and a selected array of data points may not be the most effective means of communicating with an investor or business partner. We specialize in translating your technical systems, procedures and accomplishments into a language investors are familiar with, ensuring your business plan receives the attention and retention it deserves.

Green Tech Business Plan Case Studies


Green Tech Branding & Design

Much like business plan writing, we understand that your engineers and technicians may not be the best suited in preparing a branding strategy. Working with a business-minded branding agency, you can be confident that your carefully-executed visual identity supports and enhances your business narrative, your investment goals and the long-term vision for your technology.

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Green Tech Marketing & Communications

Green technology is a burgeoning sector categorized by its disruptive innovations and developments. Keeping your investors, business partners and additional stakeholders frequently and adequately informed is critical in nurturing the growth of your company. Van York specializes in business communication that is as informative as it is compelling, and we work with you to effectively inform your audiences through comprehensive email marketing campaigns and promotional outreach.

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